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Real-time Competitive Price Intelligence

Digital Folio offers a revolutionary market intelligence platform for retailers to help solve, analyze, and address pricing, product availability, and product placement actions of competitive retailers. Our data will give you the best picture of what is happening in the marketplace by retailer, product category, and SKU. Even with retailers dynamically changing prices up to once every six seconds, competitive data from Digital Folio will help you react instantly and intelligently.

30 Day Price History

  • Insight into competitive pricing movements and pricing strategies across competitors

  • Intraday Pricing Data powerd by real shoppers

  • Retailer cart, checkout and promotion data to complete visibilty of offers

  • SKU-level alerts when competitors go out of stock

  • User browser device variations to show how pricing changes by browser type/platform

Who We Track

Digital Folio tracks 275+ retailers including:



Best Buy

Rakuten Shopping





Toys R Us


Home Depot

Crowdsourced by Our Consumer Apps

Our consumer applications immediately detect product changes as consumers shop. We utilize the 'power of the crowd' to capture real-time product and retailer volatilities including but not limited to: pricing (including cart/checkout price), detailed availability (in-stock, out-of-stock, 'low' and 'slow' stock levels, remaining units, and shipping interval data), promotion and flash sale detection, view count, and wish list purchase intent. Moreover, Digital Folio algorithms normalize, map, and maintain a universal item master across retailers and categories for meaningful analysis.

Unprecedented Database Scale, Fidelity and Granularity

  • 5+ billion data points
  • Updated in real time as price changes are detected (up to 10,000 per second)
  • Universal Master, fully normalized and enhanced with analytic metrics
  • Unmatched data fidelity including intraday and user browser device variation

The Data

Normalized Universal Master

For retailers who want SKUs, UPCs and any other product designator such as item number to be consistent across all retailers in a competitive set. This data set currently contains twelve retailers and hundreds of product categories.


For retailers who have thieir own marketing consolidation rules by product and competitive retailer. This data set contains 275+ retailers and 150+ product categories.

Data Access and Output - Three Comprehensive Options:

Public API

The first Public API through Microsoft's Azure DataMarket, where we have set up a self-service method through which our customers can use a company credit card to configure and place a data extract request. Results are returned immediately. Data output options include Excel (CSV) and PowerPivot 2010 and 2013.

Self-service in 3 minutes

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Private API

Private API with unlimited data access and custom output formatting based on your Business Intelligence tools.

Operational in 3 weeks

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Private Environment

Private Environment that allows a client to define custom normalization rules as well as custom competitor and/or category inclusion rules.

Our architecture generates millions of retail data events. Please contact us at for very large-scale or custom implementations.

Fully customized in 3 months

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