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Digital Folio is the first multi-channel shopping network, powered by the crowd, to provide unbiased real-time pricing & availability across every top retailer. We make it easy for shoppers to get a complete, real-time shopping picture as you browse, collect, and share your shopping.

Digital Folio provides universal comparison shopping, intelligent wish list, and real-time sharing capabilities are available regardless of the website or retailer you're visiting—all through a series of innovative, cloud-based applications that seamlessly integrate the shopping experience across the web, tablet, phone, and in-store.

Why we did this

Comparison Shopping is Broken.

Traditional comparison shopping sites are advertising portals. Google Shopping, BizRate, PriceGrabber, NexTag and other similar sites only list products retailers pay to have shown to shoppers. Plus the pricing and product data they provide is sourced from advertising feeds that are often stale and error-prone.

Travel Doesn't Work this Way – Why should Retail?

Imagine if booking flights worked the way comparison shopping does today. Travel sites would only list some of the major airlines that fly flights in which you're interested, and other flights may or may not appear on the day you happen to check. You'd constantly discover fare listings that aren't up-to-date and find different prices from what's listed after clicking through to book a flight. And you'd waste a lot of time tripping over a sea of information from unheard-of mom-and-pop airlines that pay to be listed when you're trying to find prices for unlisted major airlines. You'd also be left wondering what price drops you've missed because all the fare listings presented were stale and prices from some major airlines were not listed at the particular time of your search – or ever.

The focus on retail comparison shopping should be on quality, not quantity. Consumers are tired of going to comparison shopping sites and seeing so many supposed pricing options from unheard-of retailers who pay to have their products listed. Shoppers know more major retailers than those shown on such sites carry the items they want, and are forced to visit multiple retailer sites to check current prices.

The reason they do this? Because major retailers not only offer lower prices than most unknown retailers, they're more likely to offer free or reduced shipping, easy returns, and dependable customer service. Shoppers want to shop with the names they know, but comparison shopping sites make more money if they collect advertising revenues from a wide range of retailers. Which would be fine if the prices they listed were correct and complete and if they would list up front, every time, prices from top online retailers.

You shouldn't have to make shopping decisions based on stale, unreliable advertising data.

Digital Folio: One and Done for Top Retailers

Digital Folio is committed to bringing you unbiased and accurate shopping information for all the top retailers. With Digital Folio, you get real-time product pricing and availability for every top retailer that carries the item you want: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sears, Best Buy,, and others – all in one spot. (If you'd like us to add your favorite retailer, please tell us here.)

PLUS our price comparison data is updated in real time so you can say goodbye to stale pricing and availability listings. With online prices changing up to seven times a day it's normally impossible to keep up. But Digital Folio does because it's powered by the crowd. With over 48 million people shopping on the web every day, only the crowd can be everywhere at once. Our shopping applications are used by thousands of shoppers each second so they automatically detect instant pricing and availability changes – including price drops so often hidden behind retailer "add-to-cart" buttons. With Digital Folio you can compare all the top retailers at once – all in real time. Give us a try and let us know what you think.

Digital Folio. Search less. Shop more.