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Digital Folio, Inc. is a Denver-based customer experience innovation firm focused on leveraging new domain technology and a strong customer perspective to dramatically improve the shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike. Digital Folio®, a cloud-based shopping tool powered by Microsoft Azure, offers the first seamless, multi-channel retail shopping experience that allows consumers to shop the entire web at home on a computer, anywhere on a mobile phone, or in-store on an interactive display. As the industry's first "always with you" shopping resource, Digital Folio allows consumers to compare products and prices and receive dynamic money-saving offers from retailers—all based on their own shopping behavior and in real-time.

Over 36 million people are doing online research/shopping each day in the U.S. Digital Folio's browser based "universal shopper" makes shopping for anything simple yet multi-faceted, socially engaging and efficient, personally and economically rewarding...even FUN.

With Digital Folio, consumers collect all the electronic information on any product or service into a single digital folder they can then view, share, enhance, and use wherever they are—at home on a desktop, at work or anywhere on a smart phone or other web-enabled tablet device.

Any site's content can be saved in a Digital Folio folder, allowing consumers to collect and compare products, features, prices, availability, reviews…and keep it all together in a folder that's accessible, immediate, and very user-friendly.